when people all talk about early marriage,
really don’t get the idea…
is it an obligatory??
is it that really nice to marry in early age,

I REALLY DON’T understand,
what I saw that happen just…..

and watching this video,
makes me come back to my senses,
why should we drag this issues when we aren’t ready yet to carry our responsibilities??

the best solution for ALL the PROBLEM, problematic issues(eg. BUANG BAYI, ZINA, PERGAULAN BEBAS, etc..)
isn’t marriage,
when you turn yourself BACK to the ‘khaliq’
which is HIM,

You’ll find the solution there!
don’t trust me???
try it yourselves!

May ALLAH saves us from the hellfire,
Miss Nur Sa
(p/s : struggling!prayer is the best healer!)


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