Short post = LONG POST




Just want to make a very short post,

I don’t know what to say or what to talk about,



That HE gave me chances to mu’ayasyah with my murabbi,


For giving me chances to know my murabbi better,

Everything that HE set for me is THE BEST PLAN,


I would never said anything except ALHAMDULILLAH,

I felt very very energetic after told our problem to our MUROBBI,


True what everyone said……………

~~We always plan and plan for our future, but sometimes we forgot that there is someone that has plan for our life…. YES, It is HIM! And, true that HE is the best planner than us although We are the best planner in this world~~

I plan to stop doing STAM in August or July but HE gives abah signs for me to quit when it is time to fly to egypt,

And, know what???

I knew now that ALLAH wants to prepare me in AIM before I fly to Egypt,

Thus, HE knows the best place for me


HE  knew all of this earlier,


Now, I felt relief to know that ALL MY MUROBBI is supporting me either if I do medical courses or deenul courses,


ALLAH made all of this thing in our life the best for each of us,


Fo letting me knew all my MUROBBI……

~~They are THE BEST murobbi I have ever known~~

Therefore, I dedicated this song specially for ALL MY MUROBBI in AKADEMI IKATAN MUSLIMIN:

Ribuan langkah kau tapaki
Pelosok negri kau sambangi
Ribuan langkah kau tapaki
Pelosok negri kau sambangi

Tanpa kenal lelah jemu

Sampaikan firman Tuhanmu
Tanpa kenal lelah jemu
Sampaikan firman Tuhanmu

Terik matahari
Tak surutkan langkahmu
Deru hujan badai
Tak lunturkan azzammu

Raga kan terluka
Tak jerikan nyalimu
Fatamorgana dunia
Tak silaukan pandangmu

Semua makhluk bertasbih
Panjatkan ampun bagimu
Semua makhluk berdoa
Limpahkan rahmat atasmu

Duhai pewaris nabi
Duka fana tak berarti
Surga kekal dan abadi
Balasan ikhlas di hati

Cerah hati kami
Kau semai nilai nan suci
Tegak panji Illahi
Bangkit generasi Robbani..

*May ALLAH bless you in your life and hereafter*


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