LuGhAtuL JisM

Praise to Him ,

There is no other thing great than HIM

Praise to Him, ~The Lord Of ALAMIN~

Praise to HiM that he gives me other chances to live in this world,

Praise to HIM that He shows me and guide me in every step of my life...


~I don’t have any ideas to write in this blog.
Probably the x-xam mood +_+ hehehe(“,)~

ALHAMDULILLAH ‘ala kulli halah/situation in my life,

I remember a quote from my english teacher(p/s:Ustazah Kamaliah Noordin,TQ for teaching me english)

~Every Gray Cloud Has Its Silver Lining~

In every single thing that occur in our life, it is not just a coincidence

But it’s a sign that HE sent for us and what do we need to do??

ALLAH the most Compassionate one


For me, this week is the most memorable week that i gain many important things to go on with this life



  1. Why do I bring this topic?

–          It is an important aspect in ISLAM

  1. There is no importance in discussing about this topic….Is it true?

–          Nope, continuing for the answer in the first question, there is many importance In discussing about this. That’s why Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah Wrote a book Called Tibb Nabawi and this book has been very useful in the developement of medicine

  1. What is the relation of lughatul jism and our work as dai’e?

–          Yay, the relation is : Imagine that we don’t even care ‘bout our body and lastly We will fall ill or sick,right?? How can we work when our body isn’t strong enough to work?

  1. Is it important for us to alert with lughatul jism when we have bigger works to do?

–          That’s true,cause good works comes from a healthy person.


al tib al nabawi

Situation 1

(At the  pasar malam)

A : OMG, that smell is sooo……

P : It’s okay,let us go home…

A : okay2(nodding her head weakly)

Situation 2

A : I feel soo.. hungry.  Where is the drink can that I bought? Ah,here it is..

20 minutes later…….

A : Ya ukht,are you okay?Your face looks extremely pale…

P : I need to go to the toilet,

And the rest is history….(P vomits 3 times)

Yay, that is some sort of things that may happen in our life..

I am sharing this story to bring in the topic of <<Lughatul Jism>>


Okay,first of all.

1. Do we know our body language a.k.a. the inside one

e.g. : our stomach,food that we can eat and we can’t eat..etc

2. Do we analyse what our body needs??

3. Do we follow the guide of our body??

4. Do we know everything ‘bout our body??

think3 ^^

p/s : Think and think again....
In the following post, I will explain it....
~~pray for my success in exam~~
[Ya muqallibal qulub, sabbit qulubana ‘ala dinik,]
[Ya musarrifal qulub,Sarrif qulubana ‘ala tha’atik]
Sorry,for my english writing is so bad

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